Security Consultation Services

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Asas Kukuh Security’s security consultation services involve the current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, and planning for the services that best suits your security needs.

Alarm Monitoring & Response Unit

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All Asas Kukuh Security Alarm transmission systems are constantly monitored by our modern command and control center, handled by skilled operators on a 24 hours, 7 days a week basis. The center provides the platform to communicate with our response teams, key holders, clients and fire departments.

Visitor Management System

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Our Visitor Management System enables registration and tracking of each guest entering your facilities & premises. Know who is entering and exiting your premises all the time. The visitor management software also defends your workplace against potential security threats by requiring digital registration.

Private Investigators

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Our professional investigators specialize in providing clients with confidential investigation solutions to simple, complex, sensitive, personal, corporate issues. We offer clients the dedicated services of high-caliber professionals and street-smart ground operators with vast experience of investigative work, having distinguished themselves in their specific area of expertise. Highly result oriented, effective, efficient and work only with […]

Mobile Patrols

Asas Kukuh Security Mobile Patrols offer a cost effective alternative to static guarding, where a continuous presence is deemed unnecessary. We provide well-equipped and uniformed teams with a modern fleet of high visibility vehicles to make random security patrols of clients’ premises / sites (business and residential) through the night and at weekends – to […]

Escort Services

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Asas Kukuh armed escort teams execute this services professionally, in private vehicles backed by a dedicated of logistics network. The team delivers services to escort private VIP’s vehicles and CIT armoured vehicles. However, we also are delighted to fulfil any clients’ requirements if needed. Consultancy and management on Security In spite of all the above, […]

Central Monitoring System

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Central Monitoring System (CMS) is utilized to supplement effective operation covering assignment on a 24 hour basis. We advise our clients especially house residents, banks, factories and warehouses to have CMS this monitors at night and inactive hours. As well as in the events of fire or robbery, whereby this enables officers on the ground […]

Dog Division

Security police dogs on duty with officers at airport

The training conducted for both the handler and the dogs brings the teams to a level where they are in par with their peer in the industry our dogs are all with certificates and licensed in accordance with the local and international rules and regulations. Our dog division complements all the other division whilst carrying […]

Retail Guards

Asas Kukuh Security is an experienced provider of quality retail guarding services. The Company guards a number of shopping malls and retail parks for corporate clients as well as outlets for individual shopkeepers. We recognize that loss prevention is of paramount concern to all businesses large or small as well as maintaining the goodwill of […]